A Few of Nuria's Clients

Waxing Poetic, Apeel Sciences, Payjunction, Central Coast Intensive Outpatient Program


Pricing - 150 per class or 100 for two weekly.
Recommended program is two sessions per week. Minimum contract is six months. Nuria can provide mats and props if needed.

Downloadable Corporate Yoga One Pager PDF

corporate yoga class
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Corporate Yoga Program

California flow is a dynamic movement system that draws from many differing modalities, pilates, yoga and resistance stretching to name a few. It is designed to reduce the stress of modern lifestyle on the body and mind. Each class is tailored to the varying needs of the individuals present on that day. This allows practitioners to reverse the stress accrued through sedentary life and experience a new level of openness, ease, and strength in their bodies. Through continuous movement and attention to breath both the physical and mental cause of stress is reduced.

Photography by Alexa Dean, Lerina Winter and Will Adler